A Good Sissy Gets Jewelry

Laila smiled as she watched her submissive, Max, kneel before her. Laila had something special planned for Max. She spent the whole morning preparing a new collar, one that would symbolize his dedication as her sissy. Laila always had a liking for feminization and had dressed Max up in lingerie and made him wear makeup.

Max’s heart raced with anticipation as Laila gently placed the collar around his neck. It was a stunning piece of jewelry. Max couldn’t stop the tears from forming in his eyes as he looked up at Laila. He was overwhelmed with emotions, grateful for the opportunity to serve and please her.

Laila placed a finger under Max’s chin, lifting his head up to meet her gaze. ‘You have exceeded my expectations, my sissy,’ she said softly. ‘This collar is to let you know that you have been a good boy and have pleased me in every way.’

Max’s heart swelled with joy. ‘Thank you, Mistress. I will do my best to always be a good sissy for you.’

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