Fill All My Holes, Master – Part I

Aliyah sat patiently, waiting for her Master to arrive.  She was dressed in her usual attire, a sheer black negligee with patent-leather stilettos.  Her dark curls cascading around her face as she knelt on the soft carpet, hands on the top of her thighs, palms-up.  She felt a familiar sensation of arousal building within her, knowing that her Master would soon be there to satisfy her every desire and bring her to that beloved sub-space she craved.

Aliyah experienced deep pleasure from her submissive role, submitting to her Master’s every command and being used for his pleasure.  Some might see it as degrading, but to Aliyah, it was the ultimate form of liberation.  She did not have to think about all the demands of life, she was able to just let go and experience all the sensations.

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