Fill All My Holes, Master – Part II

Her Master, a wealthy and powerful man, had taken Aliyah under his wing and showed her the true meaning of pain and pleasure as two-sides of the same coin.  He trained her to be the perfect submissive, teaching her how to follow commands and stop thinking, to use her body to fulfill his every desire; Aliyah loved every moment of her training.

As the door to the playroom opened, Aliyah’s heart raced with excitement. Her Master walked in, a confident smirk on his face as he surveyed his property. He circled her slowly, admiring her body and taking in the sight of her subservient position, waiting for him.

Without a word, he loosened his tie and removed his jacket, revealing his muscular frame. Aliyah’s breath caught in her throat as he approached her, running his hand through her hair before gripping it tightly and pulling her head back. She moaned in pleasure, surrendering herself completely to him.

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