He loves chicks with dicks

chicks with dicks
chicks with dicks

It was a sunny day in the suburbs, and Gizelle was taking full advantage of it. The young woman, dressed in a tiny bikini that barely managed to contain her large cock was lounging by the pool, soaking up the rays and enjoying the warmth on her skin. Her long, curly hair flowed freely down her back, swaying gently with every movement she made. As she stretched out on her towel, idly flipping through a magazine, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of anticipation building within her.

She glanced over at the sexy man who lived down the street, sunning himself in a similar fashion. He’d been giving her the occasional flirtatious look, and she hoped that today might be the day he finally worked up the nerve to approach her. She reveled in the thought of him seeing her in her tiny bikini, feeling the weight of her generous package against her leg. Perhaps, she mused with a mischievous grin, she should take a dip in the pool, just to tease him a bit.

Gizelle rose from her lounger, the sunlight glinting off her wet skin as she walked confidently over to the edge of the pool. She paused for a moment, her muscles tensing as she gathered her courage, before diving in with a graceful arch of her back. The cool water enveloped her, sending a shiver down her spine, but she reveled in the sensation nonetheless. Splashing playfully, she swam a few laps before climbing out of the pool and plopping down onto a lounge chair once more.

Her neighbor, the sexy man she’d been admiring all this time, was now standing at the edge of the pool, his gaze fixed on her. His lips curved into a smile as he took in her wet, glistening skin and the way her body moved through the water. Without another word, he stepped forward, his arms wrapping tightly around her waist as he pulled her against him. Before she even knew what was happening, his lips met hers in a passionate kiss, their tongues dancing together as their bodies pressed intimately against one another.

Gizelle moaned into the kiss, her hands reaching up to run through his hair, her fingers tangling in the soft strands. He tasted of chlorine and sunscreen, but there was something else there too – something that made her want to taste him again and again. His hands roamed over her back, cupping her ass, squeezing her closer to him. She could feel the hard length of his cock pressed against her stomach, and she knew that he could feel the bulge in her bikini bottom.

As their kiss deepened, their hips began to move together, grinding against each other in a rhythm that was almost animalistic. Gizelle broke the kiss for a moment, gasping for air, her eyes meeting his. His gaze was intense, burning into hers, and she could see the desire there, the need. Without another word, she leaned in again, their lips meeting in a frenzy of passion as they gave in to the heat that was building between them.

Her neighbor’s hands moved lower, cupping her ass again before slipping beneath the thin material of her bikini bottom, caressing her smooth skin before moving higher, finding the source of her arousal and gripping it firmly. She arched her back into his touch, moaning loudly as pleasure coursed through her. He responded by thrusting his hips forward, his erection pressing harder against her, seeking entry. She opened her legs wider, inviting him in, and with a growl of desire, he pushed forward, penetrating her deeply.

The feeling of being filled by him was incredible, and as he began to move inside her, their bodies slapping together in time, she lost herself to the sensation. She could feel the muscles in his back tense as he thrust harder, deeper, his breath coming in ragged gasps as he fought for control. Her own breath came in short, ragged pants as she wrapped her legs around his waist, arching her back further, urging him on.

The sounds of their passion echoed off the walls of the pool, drowning out the world around them as they lost themselves in each other. The sun beamed down, bathing them in its warmth, and as they came together, their bodies twisting and moving in perfect harmony, it felt as if they were the only two people in the world.

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