He Loves To Fuck My Pink Pucker


  “He loves to fuck my pink pucker ! ” I told my best friend as we were eating lunch. She started laughing and said what a whore I was while she gobbled down the last of her sandwich. My best friend Mary has been married for a long time. I’m pretty sure the spark in her marriage is long gone. My story is very different. I recently met this man Ronald and literally he can’t get enough of me. As weird as this may sound he’s addicted to my asshole. He calls it my sexy pink pucker. I love to be butt fucked ! It feels great. But I’ve never had a man as obsessed with my asshole the way Ronald is. We love to fuck! My pussy always gets so creamy just at the sight of him. The orgasms this man gives me is out of this world. 

As corny as that sounds, it’s true. Last night he ate my ass for what felt like hours. His tongue lathered all around my little pink bottom. He moved between my pussy and my pucker. I felt his big fingers going in and out both my holes. I could not help but purr like a wild cat in heat. All of a sudden I felt his big cock rubbing up and down against my ass. Pushing my back into him he slipped his cock into my pussy. Fucking me nice and hard. Thrusting himself inside, my body was aching from ecstasy. I felt his dick go deep. I was so tight, he had to push and I screamed. We both came so hard. I love the way he fucks me.

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