Showing You How To Be A Good Sissy – Part I

Meira was known for her love of all things feminine. From her cascading hair to her perfectly manicured nails, she exuded femininity in everything she touched. But her love for all things girly didn’t end with just herself. No, Meira forced feminization on all her submissive sissies to bring out their softer side.

John had been Meira’s submissive for the past two years. He was a handsome man with broad shoulders and a chiseled jawline but underneath his rugged exterior, he longed to be a good sissy. 

One of Meira’s favorite activities with John was dressing him up in very girly clothing. She loved the way he looked in a frilly dress or a pair of delicate lace panties. It softened his ruggedness and forced him to get in-touch with a side of him he shut out from most of the world.

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