A fantasy fuck for Daddy

As Sasha stepped out of the club, her mind was still reeling from the night’s festivities. The throbbing bass, the flashing lights, and the intoxicating scent of sweat and perfume lingered in her nostrils, making it difficult to focus on anything else. Her vision was blurred from the haze of cigarette smoke, and she felt a strange sense of detachment from reality. Suddenly, a small figure caught her eye. There, in the corner of the dimly lit room, sat a girl. She looked lost, alone, and in dire need of help. Sasha’s heart ached for the poor thing, and without hesitation, she made her way over to her.

As Sasha approached, she realized that the girl was barely conscious. Her eyelids fluttered weakly, and her breath came out in shallow gasps. Reaching out, Sasha gently scooped her up in her arms and carried her outside. The night air was cool and crisp against her skin, helping to clear her head a bit. As they made their way down the deserted alleyway, Sasha couldn’t help but marvel at the girl’s beauty. Her long, raven-black hair cascaded down over her shoulders, and her delicate features were painted with a thin film of sweat. She was dressed in a tiny, revealing outfit that hugged her curves in all the right places, emphasizing her youth and innocence.

Deciding that she needed a place to rest and recuperate, Sasha led her back to her own apartment. Once they were inside, she carefully laid her down on her bed. The sheets were cool and smooth against the girl’s feverish skin, and Sasha couldn’t help but feel a pang of pity for her. She stripped her naked, removing the soiled clothes that clung to her body, and tossed them unceremoniously into a corner. Then, taking a length of silk ribbon from her pocket, she bound the girl’s wrists and ankles tightly to the bedposts.

Looking down at the helpless girl beneath her, Sasha felt a strange mixture of emotions. On one hand, she wanted to comfort her, to make her feel better. But on the other hand, there was an undeniable thrill coursing through her veins. She knew exactly what she had to do next. With a sly grin spreading across her face, she picked up the phone and dialed a familiar number. “Hello?” came a deep, husky voice on the other end of the line. “Daddy,” Sasha purred. “I’ve found us a new playmate.”

There was a moment of silence before the man on the other end of the line responded. “Oh really?” he asked, his voice laced with curiosity and anticipation. “And how old would you say she is?” Sasha glanced back down at the girl, who was still fast asleep. “I’d say about… eighteen,” she replied, her voice dripping with seductiveness. “Perfect,” the man on the phone breathed. “I’ll be right over.”

Time seemed to slow down as Sasha waited for her father’s arrival. She couldn’t help but feel a tingle of excitement in her stomach as she imagined what he would do to the girl once he got here. She knew that her father was a powerful man, with connections in all the right places. He could get away with things that most people couldn’t even dream of. And now, she was going to let him use the girl, just like he had used her before.

When the doorbell finally rang, Sasha hurried to answer it. Standing in the hallway was her father, his tall, broad frame filling the doorway. He smiled at her, his eyes twinkling with desire. Without a word, he strode into the bedroom and knelt down beside the bed. His hands were gentle as he traced the lines of the girl’s face, her tiny, delicate features contrasting sharply with his rough, calloused hands. Then, without further ado, he positioned himself between her legs and thrust his hulking cock deep inside her.

Sasha watched from the corner of the room as her father fucked the girl, his powerful thrusts making the bed creak beneath them. The girl’s cries of pleasure filled the air, mingling with the sound of their labored breathing. As he reached his climax, her father pulled out and sprayed his hot cum across the girl’s stomach and breasts. Then, with a satisfied grunt, he collapsed onto the bed beside her. Sasha couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride welling up inside her. She knew that her father was pleased with her, and that she had done a good job finding him this new plaything.

With a satisfied smile, she climbed onto the bed and straddled the girl’s chest. Reaching down, she began to stroke her father’s spent cock, slowly bringing it back to life. As it grew harder and harder, she guided it toward the girl’s lips. “Here,” she purred, “let her taste you.” The girl opened her mouth obediently, and Sasha pushed her father’s cock inside. As she began to suck, the girl’s eyes rolled back in her head, and she moaned loudly. Sasha watched with a mixture of lust and amusement as her father’s hips began to move, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into the girl’s mouth. Soon, he was moaning loudly, and his seed spilled down the girl’s throat. As he came, she could feel his pleasure coursing through her, and she knew that she had done a good job pleasing him.

With a satisfied smile, she leaned down and kissed the girl gently on the forehead. “There,” she whispered, “all better now.” Then, reaching over, she undid the ribbons that bound the girl’s wrists and ankles to the bedposts. The girl lay there for a moment, catching her breath, before wrapping her slender arms around Sasha’s waist and kissing her passionately. “Thank you,” she murmured between kisses, “thank you for taking care of me.” Sasha smiled down at the girl, her heart swelling with a mixture of tenderness and desire. “You’re welcome,” she breathed, “anytime.”

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