A Good Little Sissy Needs A Pretty Pair Of Shoes

Laila had been searching for the perfect gift for her favorite sissy, Gary, for weeks.  His birthday was coming up and she wanted to something special and meaningful. 

Finally, she stumbled upon the perfect gift – a stunning pair of stilettos in Gary’s favorite color, pink.  Laila could just picture Gary wearing them with his matching pink lingerie.

She quickly purchased the shoes and made arrangements for Gary to come over that evening.  When Gary arrived, Laila greeted him with a small kiss on the forehead and led him to the bedroom, where she placed the box containing the shoes onto the bed.

Gary’s eyes widened in surprise and delight as he opened the box and saw the beautiful heels inside.  ‘Mistress, they’re gorgeous!’ he exclaimed, his voice filled with love and gratitude.

Laila smiled and took the shoes out of the box and began sliding them on Gary’s feet to try on in front of the mirror.  Laila took out his favorite wig and other outfits to complete the look. 

Seeing how happy Gary was with the present, warmed Laila’s heart.

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