A Good Little Submissive

Aliyah had always been a naturally submissive person – but it had taken her a long time to realise it wasn’t something she should be ashamed of and something to embrace.  After she had found a reputable Dominant to serve, she found that exploring her submission was incredibly freeing.

There was nothing quite like the sensation of being tied up securely; a feeling of emotional safety and trust in the man she served.  She found the helplessness of it exhilarating – it stirred something deep within her.

Kneeling before her Dominant was a special kind of pleasure for Aliyah; she was thankful for his guidance and instruction.  His physical presence could both intimidate and comfort her in equal measure.  Knowing her place and knowing her service pleased Him, made her grow in confidence.  They shared a connection that seemed to resonate beyond the physical world.

Aliyah loved her little rituals of submission: a flower placed lovingly in her hair; a secret piece of jewelry only known to them both; a scarf draped around her body that felt like a veil of protection. These little details made her feel that she was cherished, that she belonged.

Although nothing truly prepared her for the intensity of the sensations that arose within her; the mind-numbing pleasure of obeying, and the feeling that her Dom could see to the very core of her soul.

At the end of every session, she was left feeling more alive than ever; happy, contented and truly free. Aliyah loved being a good little submissive – it was where she felt she belonged.

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