A Latex Bodysuit To Make Her Master Happy

Aliyah anxiously waited for her Master to arrive.  As soon as she heard the sound of his key turning in the lock, she could feel her heart flutter with excitement.  She knew that tonight was going to be a special night, one that she had been eagerly anticipating for weeks.

As soon as her Master entered the room, Aliyah dropped to her knees, her head lowered in submission.  She could hear his footsteps approaching her, and she could feel his presence, even with her eyes closed.  Without having to say a word, her Master gently lifted her chin and looked into her eyes.  Aliyah could see the desire and excitement in his eyes, and she couldn’t help but smile.

‘Stand up, my pet,’ her Master commanded in a low, seductive voice.

Aliyah stood up, feeling a surge of obedience flowing through her body.  She knew that her Master expected nothing less than complete devotion and obedience from her and she was more than willing to submit to his every command.

Her Master walked her to the center of the room, where a large, black trunk was placed.  Aliyah couldn’t help but wonder what was inside but she knew better than to ask.  She stood still, her hands clasped behind her back, waiting for her Master’s next instruction.

‘Tonight, I am going to dress you in something special, my pet,’ her Master said as he opened the trunk.

Aliyah’s heart skipped a beat as she saw the contents of the trunk.  It was filled with shiny, black latex pieces of clothing, each one more enticing than the last.  She couldn’t help but feel aroused just by looking at them.

Her Master selected a tight, form-fitting latex bodysuit, and Aliyah couldn’t wait to slip into it.  As she pulled the outfit onto her body, she could feel every curve being hugged tightly.  She could barely breathe, but it didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that she looked and felt exactly how her Master wanted her to in this moment.  It was about his desires and Aliyah was more than happy to obey.

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