A Little Boy’s Fantasy of Pantyhose, Finally Comes True

Ever since Laila was a little boy, she always admired her mother’s collection of pantyhose.  She loved the way they made her mother’s legs look smooth and perfect and she wondered how she would ever be able to wear them herself.

At the age of thirteen, Laila’s wish finally came true.  It was a warm summer day when her mother surprised her with a gift – her very first pair of pantyhose.  Her mother was very kind and said she’d watched how her little son never really fit in with the other little boys.  She knew deep down, before Laila did, that she really was a little girl. 

Laila’s heart skipped a beat as her mother truly saw and accepted her.  She tore open the paper and inside, was her very first pair of pantyhose, just like the favorite pair her mother had among her collection. 

Her mother helped her put them on, taking the time to show how to carefully roll them up her legs and smooth out any wrinkles.  Laila stood in front of the mirror, admiring how grown-up and sophisticated she looked in her new pantyhose.  This was who she really was all along.  A single tear ran down her face. 

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