A New Submissive Experiences The Dungeon For The First Time

Laila had a new submissive.  His name was Alex, a tall and muscular man with piercing blue eyes.  

After weeks of negotiation and setting ground rules, Laila finally brought Alex to her private dungeon.  As they walked through the heavy wooden doors, the smell of leather and candle wax filled his nostrils.

He was directed to get on his knees.  As Alex looked up at Laila excitedly, she grabbed her favorite collar from the collection on her wall.  Fastening it securely around his neck, a short leash was attached, further reminding him of his place. 

Laila led Alex by the leash around the space, her long black dress trailing behind her.  She could feel his nervousness radiating from his body, but she couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement at the thought of his eagerness.

As they approached the main playroom, Laila stopped. She turned to face Alex, her eyes locked onto his and slowly moved her dress out of the way to reveal her enormously erect cock.  His eyes flashed with both excitement, fear, and desire.

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