A Panty Boy to Play With

Rachel was known for her keen eye and bold nature. She spotted him from across the room, his smooth outline peeking out from beneath his clothing. A panty boy, she thought to herself with a smirk. She gracefully made her way over to him, whispering in his ear that she had noticed his secret.

His cheeks flushed with embarrassment, but Rachel’s playful demeanor put him at ease. She suggested they continue the conversation at her house, where she had an extensive collection of panties that she thought he might enjoy.

As they left the room, Rachel’s mind began to wander. She had always been intrigued by the idea of chastity play and crossdressing. She couldn’t help but imagine the fun they could have together, with her in control.

When they arrived at her house, Rachel led him to her bedroom, where she kept all of her toys and lingerie. She pulled out a chastity cage and a frilly dress, explaining that she wanted to try something new with him.

At first, he hesitated, unsure if he was ready to take things to that level. But Rachel’s confident and seductive demeanor quickly put him at ease. He agreed to her proposal, and they spent the rest of the afternoon exploring each other’s desires and boundaries.

Rachel’s boldness and willingness to take risks paid off. She had found a new playmate

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