A Thanksgiving Sure to be Remembered

Meira was desperate for some satisfaction but her boyfriend seemed to be refusing her advances at every turn.  This only made her more desperate and hornier.  She tried her best to hint at her needs but he seemed oblivious or he just didn’t care.  Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to take matters into her own hands.

She grabbed her boyfriend’s older brother, who was visiting from another state, and pulled him into the pantry of their house.  All he could do was gasp in shock as Meira ran her hands across his body before pushing him up against the wall.  She proceeded to make him forget all of his inhibitions as she sucked him off.

Just as Meira was about to finish her ‘project,’ her boyfriend came walking into the room.  He happened to glance into the pantry and saw everything that was going on.  His face instantly turned bright red in embarrassment and immediate anger.

Meira stared at her boyfriend with wide eyes, unsure of how to react.  After a few awkward seconds, he came closer and unzipped his pants.  She moved her mouth over to her boyfriend’s cock and started servicing him to. 

At least she knows how to get her boyfriend’s attention again in the future.

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