Abusing My Power and Seducing Coeds

Laila was a teacher at a prestigious private institution, known for her beauty and charm but there was more to her than what met the eye.  She had a secret, one that she kept from everyone, including her colleagues and students.  Laila had an insatiable appetite for seducing her male students and making them suck her cock.

It started innocently enough.  Laila was a young and ambitious teacher, determined to make an impact on her students’ lives.  As the years went by, she became bored with the routine of teaching and found herself craving more excitement. 

She would select her victims carefully, always choosing the most handsome and popular boys in her class but the ones that weren’t the brightest and needed a little extra credit.  Her irresistible charm and flirtatious ways made it easy for them to fall under her spell. 

She would invite them to stay after school for extra help or offer to tutor them in private, suggesting an easy way for them to earn extra credit.  Laila would kiss them, teasingly brush her hand against their crotch to see their reactions.  Without fail, her students would always give in to her advances, eager to please their attractive teacher.

She reveled in the power she had over her young, innocent students, and she enjoyed the thrill of being in control.

At first, the boys were hesitant and unsure, but once Laila would unleash her beautiful and fully erect cock, they couldn’t resist.  She would guide them, showing them how to pleasure her, and they would eagerly follow her lead.  It became a game for her, a thrilling rush, as she watched her students succumb to her every desire.

Laila knew what she was doing was wrong, but she couldn’t help herself. She was addicted to the feeling of being worshiped by her students and she loved the thrill of the forbidden.  

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