Adult Baby Diaper Lover

Meira met her boyfriend, Hugh, a few months ago and their relationship was unlike anything she had ever experienced before.  He was an unconventional man, always pushing the boundaries and making Meira feel like a wild, exotic creature.

One of Hugh’s most unique fetishes was dressing up like a baby.  Whenever they had time to be alone, Hugh would put on an adult-sized diaper and crawl onto Meira’s lap, like a toddler looking for comfort.

Meira found Hugh’s childish demeanor utterly charming.  She would coo to him and embrace him as if he were her own child.  Sometimes, when the mood was right, she would let him suckle on her breast.  It felt like a gateway into a different, tender world that only the two of them could enter.

When the two of them became intimate in this fashion, Meira felt nothing but love and deep abiding pleasure fill her entire body.  She loved Hugh more than she ever thought possible and his love for her seemed boundless.  Whenever Hugh was dressed up like a baby and snuggled in her arms, Meira felt that they had reached the pinnacle of their relationship.  She especially liked bringing the milk from his penis like when he would suckle from her.  That was her favorite.

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