Adult Baby in Sweet Pyjamas

Meira enjoyed being in control and the power it provided.  Although, she was much more of a caring Domme.  

One of Meira’s favorite activities was diapering her newest submissive, Alexander.  She loved the feeling of taking care of him and fulfilling his deepest fantasies.  She would carefully dress him in his favorite pair of pyjamas, noting the excitement in his eyes as she fastened the buttons.

Once he was fully dressed, she would lead him to the room she had set up for their playtime.  It was a room full of toys, costumes and, of course, Alexander’s adult-sized crib.  Meira spent hours perfecting every detail of the room, making sure it was the perfect space for their role-playing.

Alexander would excitedly climb into the crib.  Meira made sure the pins on his soft cloth diapers were secured tight for any messes he would make.  She would then place a pacifier in his mouth, which he eagerly accepted.

Next, she would bring out a variety of toys for him to play with, carefully placing them within his reach.  Alexander’s eyes would sparkle with excitement as he saw his favorite toys, and Meira couldn’t help but smile at the sight.  She loved seeing him so happy.

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