Becoming a Dominant

Meira always existed in the shadows but noone could deny her beauty.  What made her stand out even more than her looks, though, was her commanding presence.  Everywhere she went she was respected – and she loved that.  She loved watching the boys and men drool over her.

The moment she turned 18 and moved out of the small town, Meira realized her potential and started to find ways to exert even more control.  Not ever taking no for an answer, she always got her way, and people couldn’t help but find themselves bewitched by her.

With her newfound influence, Meira soon developed a rather, unique talent.  She realized she could use her power to be a findom.  She rented out a space in a local dungeon and started carefully picking men at bars that were interested in her but she could see were shy.  She would approach them and have a conversation to get to know them and see what their needs were.  They appreciated how much she cared, which deepened their admiration and devotion for her.

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