Blackmailing Her Secretary To Get Exactly What She Wanted – His Tongue

Meira sat behind her massive oak desk, her piercing blue eyes scanning the reports in front of her with sharp precision.  She was the CEO of a major corporation and her reputation as a powerful and ruthless boss preceded her.  She took no mercy among her staff and expected nothing less than perfection in all aspects of her business.

Her secretary, Robert, scurried into her office, his face flushed with anxiety.  Meira lifted an eyebrow at his disheveled appearance, mentally noting that he needed a lesson in proper grooming.  ‘What is it, Robert?’ she asked in a cool, commanding tone.

‘I-I’m sorry to disturb you, Ms. Meira, but the supplier for the upcoming conference just called. They’re asking for more money for the catering,’ Robert stammered.

Meira’s temper flared.  She glared at Robert, her voice icy as she said, ‘Remind them that we have a contract and they are bound to fulfill their end of the deal.  If they refuse, find someone else. And next time, make sure all the details are sorted out before bringing it to my attention.’

Robert nodded frantically and rushed out of the office, leaving Meira to return to her work.  She couldn’t afford to have her upcoming conference ruined by a supplier’s greed.  As she delved back into the reports, her mind kept circling back to Robert.  He had been her secretary for the past two months and was proving to be a reliable worker, but there was something about him that rubbed her the wrong way.

Later that day, Meira called Robert into her office.  ‘I’ve been noticing a pattern of mistakes in your work, Robert. Is there something going on?’ she demanded.

Robert quickly shook his head, his eyes wide with fear.  ‘No, Ms. Meira. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and I apologize for my mistakes,’ he said, his words almost rushing out of his mouth.

Meira leaned back in her chair, studying Robert for a moment.  She had always prided herself on being able to read people and she could tell that there was more to his story.  She decided to investigate further and looked through his desk after he left for the day.  A pile of forged invoices spilled out of one folder. 

Instead of firing him, she decided to use this information to her advantage.  She called him back into her office and presented him with a proposition.  Explaining what she found, ‘In order for me not to fire you, you must do something for me,’ she said, her voice dripping with manipulation.

Robert’s eyes widened in shock, but he couldn’t afford to lose this job.  He reluctantly agreed, not knowing what Meira had planned for him.  She lifted her skirt and told him to drop to his knees.  Every day at this time, he was to eat her pussy until she came.  It didn’t matter if it was in five minutes or an hour, he needed to stay on his knees until he fully satisfied her. 

Always having a secret crush on his boss, he was very excited for his new task.

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