Bound In A French Maid’s Outfit

Aliyah stood in front of her full-length mirror, admiring her appearance.  She was dressed in a black and white French maid’s constume, complete with a short, frilly dress, white lace apron, and a small maid’s hat perched atop her head.  She spent hours perfecting her makeup, making sure that her red lips were perfectly outlined and her dark, smoky eyes were just the right amount of dramatic.

This wasn’t just any ordinary costume – Aliyah wasn’t attending a Halloween party or a themed event.  No, she chose this outfit specifically to please and serve her Master.

It all started a few weeks ago when Aliyah, a struggling college student,  stumbled upon an intriguing job posting online.  ‘Seeking a personal assistant to handle various tasks for a wealthy businessman.  Must be open-minded and willing to take direction.’  Curiosity getting the best of her, Aliyah had applied and was surprised to receive a response the very next day.

After a brief interview and a background check, Aliyah was hired on the spot.  At first, Aliyah was hesitant and unsure about her new role as she learned more of exactly what the job would entail.  As she got to know him, though, she realized he was kind, respectful, and always made sure that she was comfortable and consenting to any of his requests.

‘You look stunning, my dear,’ he said, as he saw her silhouetting the doorway.  She was led into the salon where he began to bind her, restricting her movements. 

Master enjoyed watching Aliyah knelt down on the floor, bound, and holding the exact position he wanted her to be in – one that was easily accessible to have his way with her mouth. 

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