Breath Play

Meira was always known for taking her domination of her submissive to new heights.  When her new submissive came into the scene, she knew she had the opportunity to push boundaries a little further.

On that particular night, she commanded him to bend over.  She slid the tip of her dildo into his tight ass.  Fucking him harder and harder, taking full control.  Every thrust drew him closer and closer, soon his whole body tensed nearing climax.

Just as he was about to reach his peak, Meira changed her tactics, and started to choke him.  His body spasmed, the heightened sensations he felt rushing through him, pushing him over the edge as he released.

The intensity between them was heightened, as their connection became stronger, more in sync with each other, and more intimate.  Meira felt an emboldened sense of control as her submissive was completely at her mercy.

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