Cherry Chapstick – Age play Fantasy


   It’s my last year in high school and I can’t wait to get the hell out of here for good. I just turned 18 last week. I will have to admit I’m excited to start college this fall. I’m Amanda and I’m the head cheerleader of my squad. There are so many perverts in my school it’s ridiculous! I’m not just talking about the obvious idiots that only think with their penises that go here. I mean that’s expected in high school. I’m talking about the staff! Yes! The male teachers are such perverts. It’s as if once they are aware you turned 18, these dirty, old, farts instantly try to grab your ass and fuck you in their office. The principal called me into his office a week after my birthday. He said “ Amanda, I got you something for your 18th birthday”. 

 I looked inside of this little pink bag and it was filled with Cherry Chapstick. At least two dozen different ones. Bit of an odd gift! I was a little confused and simply said thank you. As I got up to leave he said “ try one and make sure you like it! “ I unwrapped one. It smelled very sweet and actually tasted good. I started to put it on my little, pouty, full, lips. As I did, I notice Mr. Scotts hand going up and down in his pants. This creep was jerking off! I should have gotten mad, but I didn’t. It was kind of funny to me. So I kept rubbing the Cherry Chapstick all over my lips again and again. He kept jerking it faster and faster.


     He must have come very hard in his pants, because I noticed he lost his breath for a moment. I laughed so hard! I reached over his desk and gave him a nice, hot, wet. sticky, kiss on his cheek and said “ Thank you for the Cherry Chapstick Mr. S .” 

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