Craving Pet Play – Devon’s First Time

I had always craved pet play but was too shy to ask my husband.  Yearning for the excitement and adventure, the mundane life as a suburban housewife wasn’t cutting it anymore. My husband, Mark, was a kind and loving man, but our sex life had become a bit predictable and dull. I craved for something more, something different.  One day, while surfing the internet, I stumbled upon a BDSM dungeon located in a nearby city. When I fantasized about what it would look like to me I wanted a dominant woman to be the one to make me fall into my submissive side. I knew Mark wouldn’t be open to the idea at first, but I was determined to convince him.

I spent weeks carefully planting the seed in Mark’s mind. Meticulously manipulating him. I left BDSM-themed books, magazines, and movies around the house, and subtly brought up the topic during our conversations. Mark was initially hesitant, but my persistence paid off. He finally agreed to give it a try, as long as we went together.  The night had finally come. I was dressed in a tight-fitting short leather mini skirt and corset, complete with a collar and leash. Mark was dressed in a suit and tie, looking every bit the submissive husband.

As we entered the dungeon, my senses were immediately overwhelmed. The sound of whips cracking, the smell of leather and sweat, and the sight of bodies writhing in pleasure all around me. Mark, on the other hand, looked terrified.  I led us to a private room, where we met the dominatrix Lacy who would be overseeing our pet play session. She was a tall, imposing woman with piercing green eyes and a commanding presence. Dressed in her full leather outfit, I felt the urge to drop on my knees to worship her. I could feel my heart racing as I knelt handing over the leash to Lacy.

“Mistress, I’m all yours.” 

I bowed with my head low to her heels on all fours waiting for her command, she gripped the leash tight leaning down gaining my attention and all the control from me.

“You’re going to be a little slutty pup for me aren’t you!” 

She demanded I bark in compliance. My body began to relax giving up control, I could feel my pussy juices fill my panties soaking my thighs. 

  She began leading me with commands leading Mark in how to control me and demand obedience. Mark was hesitant at first, but as the dominatrix whispered instructions in his ear, as his confidence grew I could feel the way he looked at me burning through my soul. His desires became my orgasm as he gently stroked my hair and whispered words of encouragement.

“You’re my good girl, so get on your knees and open your mouth!” 

As the session progressed, Lacy introduced various toys and restraints. Blindfolded and bound, she instructed Mark to pleasure me using a variety of methods. She guided Mark’s hands and mouth, teaching him how to touch me in ways he never had before. Her hands reached down to Mark’s pants unzipping them and pulling out his cock. She let him fuck me, “But first you’re going to put this bone in your mouth pet.” He thrusted into me deep. 

Lacy let out “You’re not to moan, if you feel like moaning you’re going to bark instead.” 

He reached deep inside me, my eyes rolled back as I began softly barking as my body shook in pleasure.

Lying on my back legs spread wide open, with Mark knelt between them. Lacy guided Mark to pleasure my pussy orally, and he eagerly complied. I could feel myself building to a climax again, as I did, Lacy removed my blindfold.

I looked deep into Mark’s eyes as I came, and I could see the love, adoration, and obsession in them. I knew in that moment we were forever changed. They had explored a taboo side of themselves together and had come out the other side stronger and more connected than ever before.  As we left the dungeon, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement for what was to come. I knew that our journey was just beginning, and I couldn’t wait to see where it would take us. 

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