Feeling Safe As An Adult Baby

Lance lay curled up in his crib, wearing nothing but a thickly padded adult baby diaper.  He never imagined his curiosity for diapers would lead to living the life of an adult baby as often as he did.

His face curled into a contented smile as he unconsciously adjusted the diaper around his waist.  He loved every aspect of this life, it made him feel safe and protected.

He adjusted himself in his crib and put his pacifier in his mouth.  As he looked up at his mobile overhead, he was soothed into a relaxing nap.  Upon waking, he realized he had soiled himself a bit.  

Calling for his mommy.  She quickly came in to change him.  Affection poured from her eyes and she looked down at her little boy.  He felt so loved in that moment.

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