Fill All My Holes, Master – Part III

Her Master wasted no time, using her mouth as his own personal toy. Aliyah eagerly took him in, loving the feeling of being used by him. He pushed her to her limits, choking and gagging her, but she only begged for more.

Next, her Master moved onto her breasts, pinching and teasing her nipples until they were hard. He then took his time exploring every inch of her body, leaving a trail of bruises and marks as he pleased. Aliyah reveled in the sensation of being marked by her Master, a reminder of their intense and intimate connection.

But it was when her Master finally took her from behind that Aliyah truly felt complete. She moaned and whimpered as he filled her tight pussy, moving in and out of her with a purpose. She could feel her own release building, and with one final command from her Master, she fell over the edge, trembling in ecstasy as he slipped his cock into her ass.

As her Master reached his own release, he pulled out and released his hold on her. Aliyah fell to the ground, laying in a blissful state. She gazed up at her Master in pure adoration, grateful for the pleasure he had given her.

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