For The Love Of Boots

Laila had always been a bit of a tease.  From a young age, she enjoyed the attention she got from boys whenever she showed a little skin or flashed them a flirtatious smile.  As she got older, she discovered a new way to captivate the opposite sex: through her feet.

It all started innocently enough.  She was at the beach with some friends when she noticed a group of guys staring at her.  She felt a rush of power knowing that she had their attention, and she couldn’t resist the urge to wiggle her toes and playfully kick at the water.  To her surprise, the guys couldn’t take their eyes off of her feet.  They even followed her around, staring at her as she walked, until she finally couldn’t resist anymore and gave them a little show, dangling her flip flops from her toes and watching as their eyes practically bulged out of their heads.  One even asked if he could have the pleasure of massaging her feet.

From that moment on, Laila was hooked.  She loved the control she had over guys just by wiggling her toes or flashing them a glimpse of her perfectly pedicured feet.  It wasn’t long before she had a reputation among her friends on the ability to make guys fall at her feet.

For Laila, it wasn’t just about the attention and power, she genuinely enjoyed the feeling of having her feet worshipped.  She loved the way it felt when her toes were sucked or when their tongue ran across her boot.  Her favorite was stepping on men’s balls with her high heel, just to see how much pressure she could put on it before he said the safe word.   

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