Forcing Your Sissy Side to Come Out

Meira loved to pick out pretty clothes for her sissy to wear, especially frilly panties and dresses.  She’d spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect look, but never finding quite what she was looking for — something with that extra special, girly flair.

In time, Meira gave up on her search for the perfect outfit and decided that she’d have to make it herself!  She bought some fabric and started to sew, going through all sorts of experiments to get the perfect ruffle, lace, and color combinations.

Her favorite sissy helped and Meira made a few pretty pieces.  Both of them picked up enough fabric to create an entire collection — one that was truly unique and special for their scenes.  It was everything that Meira could have wanted for her sissy and more.  Her sissy was overjoyed at the thoughtfulness of the outfit, and every time they played together, he beamed in the personalized, frilly outfits.

Meira knew that her sissy was always going to look and feel amazing when he was wearing her handmade clothing.  That was all the reward Meira could have ever wanted.

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