Girls Night In Turns Into Girls Eating Each Other Out

Laila had been planning a girls’ night in for weeks, eager to invite all of her girlfriends over and just have a good time.  She and her friends clinked their wine glasses together over pizza as they laughed and joked.  Little did they know that this night would be anything but ordinary.

Soon, lots of sexual tension started to develop among the girls that could not be ignored.  Another bottle of wine was opened and another put more music on.  As they started to dance, they began touching each other.

The dancing grew more and more intense.  Soon Laila found herself in the embrace of one of her closest friends.  From there, it was a domino effect as the girls fell one by one into an unstoppable torrent of love and desire.  Clothes were shed until all that was left was uninhibited passion.

They kissed and caressed and explored each other’s bodies.  As Laila was the only one with a cock, each of her friends took turns sucking her. 

When the sun began to rise, they lay together in a tangled knot, each satiated in a way that none of them had ever experienced before.  The beautiful and unexpected journey from girls night in to lesbian orgy had been a life-changing experience for all of them.  From that night on, Laila and her friends would never be the same again.

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