He command me to swallow


  He command me to swallow each and every time I sucked his cock. Big Black became a massive part of my life. I was his property. I belonged to him. I could not get enough of him. HIs cock was the biggest dick I’ve ever had in my life. I love the way he felt when he fucked me in my bed, on my husband’s side when he was away at work. I wanted Craig to smell his sweat, so he knew what a real man smelled like. I’m an addict that can’t get enough of him. No one can fuck me the way he does. I love to lick his big, beautiful ,dark chocolate, cock from top to bottom. Sucking on his big mushroom head without him even having to ask for it. I was his little slut, his snow bunny.

I knew better than to waste his cum. I swallowed every drop of that creamy white goodness. We fucked like rabbits. All day he would stay with me while my little prick was at work banging his secretary. One day my husband decided to come home early and caught me in the act. I was on top of my lover riding his huge cock. My husband pretended to be angry. I told the drama queen he can’t be that mad if he’s fucking that girl. I refused to stop, and kept rolling my hips back and forth until he came inside of me, while my husband stood there and watched. Big Black got dressed and slammed his tongue down my throat. He laughed at my pathetic excuse of a husband and left. I told Craig time to clean out my pussy and see what a real man taste like!

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