Holding Positions For Her Master

Aliyah had been the Master’s servant for a long time but lately her tasks increased.  Whenever the Master had her perform a task, she quickly became an expert.  This made her invaluable to her Master, and soon she was being asked to do things that no one had ever asked her to do before.

One of the requirements of her job was that she was to stay in certain positions for extended periods of time — from several minutes to a couple hours.  She was never given any explanation for why she had to stay in those positions for so long, but she knew better than to question her Master.

When Aliyah was assigned to certain positions, the Master set up cameras to keep an eye on her.  Should she move from what was assigned, consequences would be handed down. 

Aliyah realized that remaining in the positions for an extended period of time was meant to be a test of her character and her dedication to her Master.  She had been asked to stay in a difficult position to demonstrate that she could stay committed to a task.

From then on, Aliyah realized that the Master had been looking out for her, pushing her to become stronger and more dedicated. She was thankful for the complicated training — it had made her a better submissive than she ever thought possible.

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