How Filthy of a Submissive are You?

Laila had recently taken on a new submissive, and she wanted to really explore her relationship with him.  She was especially interested in getting to know his fetishes and desires.  She was bold and confident in her decision making, so she decided to take the plunge and see just how far her new submissive could go.

Laila laid out the terms for her experiment.  She told him that she wanted to test his limits and find out what really made him happy.  She told him she was going to fuck his mouth and his ass to find out which way he liked it better and would make him cum the hardest.

The submissive was both scared and aroused by the idea.  He had never gone that far before and didn’t know what to expect.  He asked her questions, wanting more clarification on the terms of this experiment.

When they finally began, he relished her touch and her cock in his mouth and his ass.  He moaned and purred as she moved from one way to the other.  His load was finally shot when she was in his mouth, tasting his ass.

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