I Love Whipping Naughty Boys

Meira sat on her throne, her eyes glinting with amusement as she watched the two men kneeling before her.  Her favorite toy rested comfortably in her hand, its leather strands trailing down to the floor.  It was her prized possession in this dungeon and she reveled in the power it gave her.

She ran her fingers over the whip, feeling the coolness of the leather against her skin.  It was a symbol of her power and control over these men who were at her mercy.  

As she stood up from her throne, the men trembled in fear.  They knew what was coming – a taste of leather against their skin.

Meira walked over to the first man, her heels clicking loudly on the stone floor.  She could see the fear in his eyes as she towered over him, her whip coiled in her hand.

Without a word, she swung her arm back and let the whip crack against the man’s exposed back.  He let out a yelp, his body recoiling from the sharp sting of the leather.  ‘Thank you, Ma’am’

Meira grinned, feeling the power surge through her.  Whipping naughty boys was her favorite pastime.

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