I Need You Deep Inside


     I need you deep inside of me! I open my legs at the sound of your name! Laying in bed my fingers itch to touch myself with thoughts of you caressing my thighs. You do something to me that I can’t explain. I crave to feel the heat of your breath on my skin, needing your touch. I imagine soft butterfly kisses across my breast. I wake up with sweat dripping down my skin from the wonders of what you inside of me would feel like. I want to climb in your bed and press my bare breast against your chest, as I give you sweet kisses across your face. I lay my head to your chest , to hear the music of your heartbeat. So many feelings flood across me at once when I’m in your presence. I desire you as much as you desire me. Our bodies, naked, touching.

I take you in my hand and begin to stroke you. Kissing your mouth , with my soft lips. Up and down I slide my hand on your cock. Feeling you throb in my grasp. On top of you I climb and slip you inside of me. You feel my wetness, my heat as I ride you back and forth, winding my hips. Staring into your eyes as you fuck me. You Nibble on my pink nipples. The pleasure of being with each other overwhelms us. Feeling your orgasm and coming deep inside of me. I rest on top of your chest. We slumber to simply wake up! Apart! But no sadness, knowing all we need to do is close our eyes, so we can slip away into each other’s world yet once again. 

Dedicated to my naughty, sweet, Chewie

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