Jack Embraces His Femininity

After the surprise–and slight embarrassment–had passed at being mocked for looking at lingerie in the department store, Jack returned home and his mom pulled out the very item he was looking at and asked him to try it on.  It was a strange experience for Jack as the satin fabric brushed against his skin.  He felt uneasy, and almost embarrassed, but eventually he learned to embrace the feeling of the sensual fabric against his skin.

That night, Jack had the most incredible dream where he was a beautiful princess in the most luxurious castle, swanning around in luxurious dresses and long, silky robes.  It continued to bring him peace and solace throughout his early school years, as he often dreamed of his green satin slip and imagined himself as a princess every single night.

What started out as an uncomfortable and embarrassing experience for Jack, ended up providing him with comfort and strength throughout his childhood.  That negligee was a reminder for him to embrace his femininity and not be ashamed of the things he enjoyed.

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