Jack Finds Comfort As A Sissy

Jack had seen a lot in his military service and was glad to leave it behind when he was accepted as a police officer.  He thought the job would provide a sense of security and stability, but he quickly found himself feeling more stressed out than ever.  He was expected to suppress his emotions, act tough, and shield himself from any form of vulnerability.  He craved an escape from the hyper-masculine environment he was in each day.

One night, when he was feeling especially overwhelmed, Jack stumbled upon a sissy website and his curiosity was piqued.  Reading through the content, he found himself relaxing and taking in the warm, comforting femininity presented on the site.  The more he explored, the more he felt pulled in.

He went out and bought several lingerie pieces and soon, he was experimenting with being a sissy every evening before he went to bed.  He loved how soft and comfortable the fabric felt against his skin — like he was enveloped in soft hugs.  After months of indulging in this secret pleasure, Jack finally felt the special kind of comfort, safety, and security that he had been searching for his entire life.

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