Jack is Exposed

Jack gulped as he quickly took in the scene before him.  He had obviously went through the wrong door as he found himself in a room full of completely clothed women who were now snickering at him.  Feeling extremely awkward and exposed, he tried to cover himself up but there was nothing in the room he could use to do so.  He put on a brave face and cleared his throat.

‘Umm ladies, this may be a little awkward but could somebody please lend me something to cover up with?’, he asked meekly.

The room burst into laughter as the women exchanged glances with one another, obviously amused by Jack’s predicament.  Finally, one lady stepped forward and handed him a blanket.  Jack quickly wrapped himself, face turning a deep shade of red.

The woman smiled knowingly at him. ‘What are you doing in here, young man?’, she asked in a gentle yet curious tone.

At this, Jack hung his head in shame, embarrassed to even explain what had happened.  He mumbled something about misplaced portals and magical creatures, earning a few more giggles from the ladies.

He finally managed to explain that he was an adventurer who had stumbled upon a portal in a nearby forest, mistakenly thinking it was a way home. Instead, he found himself in this strange place where women welcomed him with laughter instead of alarm and surprise.

The women thanked him for his story and smiled warmly as he settled himself back into the blanket.  They offered him a warm meal and a place to stay before he continued on his journey, his story bringing them joy and lightening the atmosphere.

Jack left the room with a newfound appreciation for the kindness of strangers, feeling thankful for these unexpected hosts.  He hoped one day he’d have a chance to repay their kindness and hospitality, until then, he secretly day dreamed about having another experience like that again.

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