Jack Purchases His Very Own Negligee

Jack had been working relentlessly the past few weeks and the exhaustion had taken its toll on him.  The two grueling double-shifts he worked earlier today had left him physically and mentally drained.  He could barely keep his eyes open as he stumbled to the refrigerator and opened another beer.  Grabbing his phone from the counter, he began to scroll mindlessly through his feed.

Suddenly, he saw an advertisement for the same green negligee he saw in the department store so many moons ago.  The memory of a happy moment in his mother’s bedroom flashed through Jack’s mind and an unexpected jolt of excitement shot through him.  Not giving himself enough time to think it through, he clicked on the link and before he realized what was happening, he had entered his credit card information.  He was desperately trying to rationalize his choices to himself when a confirmation notification popped up on the screen.

For a few moments, Jack just sat there, unable to move.  His mind was completely overtaken by the possibilities of what could come.  All of the joy, happiness, and excitement of his childhood innocence bellowed through him again, and for the first time in ages, he felt a genuine sense of hope for what was about to come.

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