Karis becomes a Friend With Benefits

Karis and Jay had been friends for years, often indulging in harmless activities together like watching movies, grabbing dinner, or relaxing at home with a bottle of wine and some sweet treats. This particular afternoon, the temperature had soared to unbearable heights, and the duo decided to treat themselves to some popsicles in an effort to cool down. Before they knew it, they would become Friends with Benefits!

Seated on Karis’ plush sofa, they each unwrapped their popsicles, the frozen treats glistening with beads of condensation. Jay’s eyes were drawn to Karis as she noisily licked her popsicle, the bright red hue staining her lips a vivid shade. Her ample bosom was barely contained by her skimpy tank top, the twin mounds heaving with each breath. Karis, too, couldn’t help but notice Jay’s gaze lingering on her chest. She smiled wickedly, knowing exactly what was on his mind. As she ran her tongue over her popsicle, she let her other hand drift between her thighs, gently rubbing herself through her shorts.

Jay’s gaze narrowed as he watched Karis’s subtle movements. He had always been attracted to her, but had never made a move due to their close platonic relationship. However, as he watched her pleasure herself, he found himself unable to resist the allure any longer. He leaned in, his lips finding hers in a passionate kiss. Karis eagerly responded, her popsicle forgotten as she deepened their connection. Jay’s hands roamed over her body, marveling at the softness of her curves.

Karis’s hands made quick work of Jay’s pants, freeing his long, thick cock. She wrapped her fingers around him, stroking him with a practiced ease. Jay shuddered with pleasure, every nerve ending alight with desire. He lifted Karis’s tank top over her head, exposing her massive 40F tits. He bent his head, taking one of her nipples into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue. Karis moaned with pleasure, her back arching as she ground against him.

Jay’s hand made its way between Karis’s thighs, sliding beneath her shorts and panties. He found her wet and ready, her clit swollen with need. He stroked her gently at first, then faster as her moans grew louder. Karis reached down, guiding Jay’s cock inside her. He filled her completely, his thick shaft stretching her to her limits. They moved together in a rhythm as old as time itself, every thrust sending Karis closer to the edge.

With a final cry of pleasure, Karis came hard, her orgasm washing over her in waves. Jay followed closely behind, his release powerful and intense. As they lay together in the aftermath, Karis and Jay knew that their friendship had been forever changed. But as they looked into each other’s eyes, they both knew that they wouldn’t have it any other way. Friends are nice, but Friends with Benefits is so much better!

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