Kelsey’s Babysitting Job

Kelsey stood nervously on the doorstep of the grand house. She was early for her first day of babysitting, but she couldn’t help herself; she was excited and a little anxious to meet the family she would be working for.

She rang the doorbell, and after a moment, the door swung open to reveal a tall, dark-haired man with piercing blue eyes and a chiseled jawline. Kelsey felt her heart skip a beat as she took him in; he was easily the most attractive man she had ever seen.

“Hi, I’m Kelsey,” she stammered, extending her hand. “I’m here to babysit today.”

The man smiled warmly and shook her hand. “Nice to meet you, Kelsey. I’m John, the dad. Come on in.”

As the day wore on, Kelsey found herself growing more and more attracted to John. She couldn’t help but stare at him whenever he was in the room, taking in the way his muscles rippled under his shirt and the way his eyes seemed to see right through her.

She knew it was wrong to feel this way; he was her employer, and she was there to take care of his daughter, not to ogle him. But she couldn’t help herself.

As the evening wore on, Kelsey found herself growing more and more restless. She couldn’t focus on anything except for John, and she knew she needed to do something about it before she exploded with desire.

She excused herself and went to her bedroom, closing the door behind her. She stripped off her clothes and climbed into bed, her mind racing with thoughts of John.

She closed her eyes and let her imagination take over, picturing him naked and aroused, his body pressed against hers as they explored each other’s bodies. She imagined his hands on her breasts, his fingers teasing her nipples as she moaned with pleasure. She imagined his mouth on her clit, his tongue flicking and teasing her as she writhed with pleasure.

She reached down between her legs and began to touch herself, her fingers sliding easily through her wet folds as she imagined John inside her, filling her and making her scream with pleasure.

She quickened her pace, her fingers moving faster and faster as she imagined John’s cock thrusting deep inside her, filling her and making her cum harder than she ever had before.

She cried out as she came, her body shaking with pleasure as waves of ecstasy washed over her. Opening her eyes there before her was John with a big smile and his big hard cock in his hands.

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