Lunch Time Quickie

Aliyah surprised her latest boy toy at work.  They’d been dating for a bit and she knew he’d had a hard day.  She walked in on him at his desk, all his coworkers left for lunch, conveniently, at the same time.  Hiking up her skirt, she started to straddle him.  Kissing him passionately and nibbling down his neck.  Her hips were wiggling and grinding, getting the front of his work pants all wet.  Unzipping his pants, she slid him out and into her soaking wet pussy.  As she started to bounce up and down on his cock, her head fell back from the pleasure she was taking from him.  The chair kept squeaking and coworkers returning from work started to peek their heads in to see what the commotion was about.  Wanting to make sure they all got a show, he ripped open her blouse allowing her tits to bounce in rhythm with the movement of their fucking.  More coworkers started to fill in the small office, holding their erect cocks in their hands and began to stroke themselves at the sight.  Everything was pushed off the desk and the pounding increased as she was pushed on top.  As the coworkers started to approach, they started to paw at her.  At these new sensations, she came all over his cock with the sound of her orgasm reverberating off the walls.  This unleashed all the other men to shoot their big loads all over her.

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