Making My Master Happy

Aliyah danced eagerly as her Master opened the door, a satisfied smirk on his face.  He had a glint in his eye and she knew what it meant: his friends had come over for her.  As the group of men stepped through the door, she eagerly welcomed them all, her eyes disappearing into the back of her head as their imposing forms and huge grins surrounded her.

She knew it was her duty to please both her Master and his guests, so she proceeded to do just that very thing.  Taking advantage of the many resources in the home her Master had provided for her, Aliyah prepared a sumptuous feast, with every morsel crafted with only the finest ingredients. 

As the men enjoyed the hearty meal, Aliyah hovered around the group, ensuring that all her admirers had whatever they desired.  Naturally, they requested more of her attention throughout the evening, and Aliyah didn’t hesitate to comply.  She allowed herself to be used as a toy, fulfilling every man’s wildest desires, all to make her Master happy.  Brandy and cigars were served after she had been devoured.

When the guests departed and the house fell into a contented silence, Aliyah gathered the discarded clothing and straightened the furniture.  As a smile appeared on her face, she looked around the home, noticing with satisfaction that her efforts had made her Master proud.  It had been an exhausting night, but it had also been her greatest pleasure because it was all done for him.

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