Making Sure The Client is Happy

Meira was running late for work and had to rush and drop off important paperwork for her best client, Mr. Klein.  She wasn’t sure what to expect when she arrived but luckily his secretary was able to help her quickly get to his office.

When she entered the office, Mr. Klein was sitting at his desk.  Meira didn’t want her lateness to be a reason for him to be unsatisfied, so she thought of a way to make sure he was happy.  She put on an inviting smile and asked if he wanted to have some fun.  Mr. Klein was taken aback, but pleasantly delighted with her offer.

Meira knelt down and began to flirt and suck him off.  She wanted to ensure that she left him pleased.  Mr. Klein reciprocated in kind and before long, they both climaxed.

Meira left Mr. Klein absolutely satisfied, she was confident that he would be a happy client for many years to come.

Sure enough, he called the office about an hour later singing her praises to her superiors.  She had successfully appeased him, and he was more than happy with her.

Meira was told Mr. Klein was increasing his business with the ageny but that she was to be the only one on the account.  This meant a big bump in pay and a promotion.  What if she used these tactics more often?

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