Mommy Love

Jeremy’s mother was always a very loving and supportive woman. She was the type who always comforted her kids and was always there for them no matter what.  It only made sense to Jeremy that he had grown up to love and admire her so much that he wanted to be close to her.

Jeremy had always been a bit different from other kids his age and one way of expressing this was his love of wearing an adult diaper.  He liked how comfortable it made him feel and it made him feel secure. The only problem was that wearing the diaper also made his cock hard when he laid down next to his mom. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help it.

Deep down, Jeremy knew it wasn’t right that he had these feelings.  But he also couldn’t help but get aroused just by touching his mom.  He tried not to think about it too hard and he tried to keep his distance from her, but it was like a magnet pulling him closer; it was impossible not to feel something.

One night while his mom was sleeping, Jeremy snuck into his mom’s bedroom and gently put his arm around her.  He could feel his cock swelling and he felt so naughty.  She rolled over and felt Jeremy’s hard cock through the diaper.  Slowly moving it down, she began to stroke him until he came all over her bare stomach.  

Embarrassed, he quickly ran out of the room but his mom followed him and said it was okay.  She enjoyed herself just as much as he did.  Kissing his lips, she said she was always around if he wanted to do that again.

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