Mommy Love

Fred had been dealing with a dark secret ever since his teen years.  He had deep, dark fantasies about having sex with his mother.  As shocking and weird as it was, he tried to ignore these thoughts and instead threw himself into his studies and sports.

But when he moved away to college, these fantasies began to consume him.  He often thought of his mother when he was alone in his dorm room.  He even searched for images of her online, something he was ashamed of himself for doing.

Eventually, he started to seek out older prostitutes, as they reminded him of his mom.  He would pay for them to role play as his mother, even though it was costly and risky.  Each time he became increasingly desperate to recreate the fantasy from his head and to feel validation.

After living this way for years, one day Fred finally realized that this wasn’t healthy and could never replace the real thing.  He decided to tell his mother. 

When the day finally came, she reached across the table and reassuringly said that she had the same thoughts all these years. 

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