My Sister’s Man Licks


 My sister’s man licks very well. My body vibrated under his tongue. I felt him as he came down my throat. My pussy was so wet I thought I pissed myself. He loved it! Jake laid me on the bed and lapped all the juices that fell between my legs up like he was in a desert and dying of thirst. I came over and over. My body vibrates to the touch of his tongue. The way he danced around my clit with that moist mouth had my body on fire. After he came from me sucking him off he was still hard. I don’t understand my sister’s complaint about her husband. He is an amazing lover. After we both came before even having sex. I laid in bed next to him, snuggling against his big strong arms. 

His hot, little, kisses burst against my skin. I got on my back as he slipped inside of me nice and slow. Each thrush is harder than the last. My pussy creamed all around his cock, dripping down his big balls. I told him the next time my sister complains he has a limp dick tell her to call me! 

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