My Step- Mom My Girlfriend


     My stepmom, my girlfriend! Sounds confusing right? I’m not even sure what to really think! Let me take you to the very beginning on how this crazy family fun affair began. My dad remarried after my mom died. I was happy for him, he has been single for years. My mom passed away from a sickness twelve years ago. So it was nice to see him finally moving forward in his life and trying love again. I will have to admit I was shocked when he called me to tell me he met someone and instantly got married after only three months of dating. I was even more shocked when I found out she was only thirty years old to my dad’s 67 years of age. I mean she was beautiful, simply breathtaking. She had golden brown skin, beautiful brown eyes, and a sexy, little, petite body.

How is this my step mother? I’m 28 years old. She’s only 2 years older than me, plus she turned me on. That made me feel a little awkward wanting to fuck my own stepmom. I’m a full feminine lesbian. She was everything I wanted in a partner. Hot, kind, adventurous, but she was my dad’s wife. My dad pushed me to bond with her. One weekend he left for a business trip. She had planned a weekend out on the town for just the two of us. We hit it off immediately. The first night sharing a room with her was torture. She slept naked, I can see the silkiness of her skin. Her ass looked so inviting, I rubbed my pussy right next to her. I ached to put her nipples in my mouth. 

She Lathered Her Tongue Around My Pussy!

       The next morning I woke up to her pulling down my panties. Before I knew it she was between my legs eating my pussy. I knew I should have made her stop. But I did not want to. I came so hard! We started to fuck. Our pussies, bumping and grinding against one another. All weekend we just stayed in bed and fucked! Our first little dirty family secret! I can’t wait to see my stepmom again this weekend.

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