Naughty Neighbor was in for a Surprise

Laila always felt like she was being watched since moving into the new neighborhood.  Every time she stepped out of her house, she could feel the eyes of her nosy neighbor, Mr. Smith, on her.  She brushed it off as him being a bored retired man but deep down, she had a feeling that there was more to it than just curiosity.

One day, Laila decided to spend a lazy afternoon in her backyard, soaking up the warm sun.  As she lounged on her lawn chair, she noticed movement from the corner of her eye.  She turned to see Mr. Smith peering over the fence, trying to catch a glimpse of her.  Laila rolled her eyes and ignored him, choosing to focus on her book instead.

As she turned the page, she couldn’t help but feel the intensity of Mr. Smith’s gaze.  She could feel his judgement, his disapproval of her outfit.  It was nothing scandalous, just a simple crop top and shorts, but to Mr. Smith, it was slutty and inappropriate.

Fed up with his prying eyes, Laila put her book down and marched over to the fence.  ‘Can I help you, Mr. Smith?’ she asked, her tone laced with irritation.

Mr. Smith stammered, clearly caught off-guard by Laila’s sudden confrontation.  ‘I-I just wanted to tell you that…that what you’re wearing is not appropriate,’ he pointed at her outfit with disapproval.

Laila scoffed. ‘Excuse me? Who are you to tell me what to wear?’

‘I-I’m your neighbor, and I’ve been watching you.  You should dress more modestly, it’s not very becoming for a young lady’ Mr. Smith replied, his voice growing shaky.

Laila’s anger flared.  How dare he think he had the right to dictate what she could or couldn’t wear.  She had had enough of his prying and unwanted opinions.  She decided to give him a real show.

Without hesitation, Laila pulled down her shorts and exposed her nice hard cock to Mr. Smith.  His eyes widened in shock, and for a brief moment, Laila saw the panic and confusion in his eyes before he turned and scurried back into his house.

Laila couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction.  She had been living next to him for years, and he had no idea.  From that day on, Mr. Smith kept his distance from Laila, barely even making eye contact with her out of embarrassment.

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