Obeying Her Master

Aliyah was always a people pleaser.  She was always eager to do whatever she was asked to do, always striving to make the people around her happy and content. When she met her current Dominant, however; she found a level of satisfaction she’d never experienced before.

Aliyah loved following the protocols her Dominant set forth for her.  It was a perfect balance of pleasure and pain.  There was something freeing about following the clear guidelines and yielding to the will of her Dominant.

Every morning, Aliyah woke up early and obey her Dominant’s instructions meticulously.  She followed the same ritual each morning, which always made her feel good.  She’d begin by doing her hair and makeup, then laying out her Dominant’s clothes and preparing breakfast.  Once everything was done and Aliyah got the approval from her Dominant, she would put on her outfit and go about her day.

She cherished every moment she had to obey her Dominant’s will and was always looking for ways to make him happier.  It filled her with pride when he’d thank her for following his orders.  It was almost like an addiction to her, the high she experienced from pleasing.

Aliyah was proud of the relationship she had with her Dominant and was constantly in awe of the limitless trust between them.  She had allowed her Dominant to be in control and Aliyah felt the same sense of compliance within her own heart.  She was devoted to her Dominant in a way that felt like a calling.

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