Pleasing Him & His Friends

Aliyah had a unique relationship with her Dominant.  She loved to obey him and do whatever she could to please him in any way possible, no matter what it might be.

One night, her Dominant invited his friends over for a night of kinky fun.  Aliyah was included in the invitation, to make sure that each of his guests were fully comfortable, in whatever way they needed.

Aliyah make sure that each of his guest’s was given the attention that they desired. Whether it was bringing them drinks, fanning them, or providing any physical or sexual pleasure asked of her.  Aliyah was there to fulfill any and all desires.

While definitely not a conventional way of living, Aliyah thrived in her designated role.  She enjoyed being able to serve her Dominant in the way that was asked of her, and it helped to strengthen the bond between them.

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