Pleasing Your Wife Better Than You Ever Could

Laila was always the life of the party wherever she went.  From the outside, everyone viewed her as a sweet and harmless girl who just wanted to have a good time.  But those closest to her knew the truth; she had a strong penchant for cuckholing.

Whenever Laila ventured out, she always had an eye out for married men.  She enjoyed watching the look of horror and anguish on their faces as she slowly seduced their wives.  She gained immense pleasure from knowing that no matter how hard they tried, there was nothing they could do to please their wives better than she could.

For Laila, the thrill of the chase was as important as the cuckolding itself.  She took great care to ensure that the husbands were nearby to witness as she pleased their wives better.  They were forced to watch their wives moans of pleasure, louder than they’ve ever heard them moan before. 

While some of her peers called her immoral and depraved, she didn’t care. She was living her life to the fullest, and no one was going to take away her enjoyment from making guys be cuckholds.

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